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Concept-s Taxi barriers are made of acrylic glass to prevent infection by droplets, to give you as carefree driving pleasure and proper hygiene regulations as possible.

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SPITSTOP TAXI 1240/940x550x3/4/5mm

Vehicle cover, transparent acrylic, 3, 4 or 5 mm

 Thick option 3 mounting heights for head restraints depending on vehicle model the full width of the bulkheads bent so that they fit to the back of the seat, the center portion extended so that the space between the front seats

 It is almost closed model fits almost all types of vehicles, (check the width behind the back seat)

A smaller model is also available upon request

Installation is simple: 3-5 min, no additional tools or expertise required

Delivery 1-2 business days depending on quantity

For quantities over 25 pcs 10% discount / for quantities over 50 pcs 20%

Inquiries and orders by mail:

SPITSTOP TAXI UNI  1240/940x550x3mm – 285 kn+pdv
SPITSTOP TAXI UNI  1240/940x550x4mm – 352 kn+pdv 
SPITSTOP TAXI UNI  1240/940x550x5mm – 460kn+pdv